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Building Connections: A Therapeutic Dayhab Program

Building Bridges Through Communication is excited to announce our newest program… Building Connections.  Launching only a few months ago on September 7, 2021, Building Connections has quickly become a mainstay in our program offerings.  It has shown great success and received excellent feedback from therapists, participants, caregivers, and training center staff alike. 

Program objectives include:

  • Higher frequency of therapy intervention potentiating faster and greater gains
  • Continuity between dayhab and home environments achieved through involvement of training center staff in therapeutic groups as well as the provision of carry over activities for use across environments.
  • Greater ability to achieve functional outcomes by mirroring a more natural environment, creating opportunities for members to practice the skills needed to advance their individual goals.

The feedback we are getting from not only our clients, but training center staff, therapists, and caregivers has been truly remarkable. Here are some samples of feedback we have received:

From Therapists

“There are so many skills that cannot be targeted in an individual session but flow seamlessly into a group format.”

“We are seeing faster acquisition and learning of introduced skills”

“It has been so great to work closely with our training center staff… we are learning so much.”

From Training Center Staff

“This is great! I have a better understanding of how to communicate with this member.”

“I really like it. I am learning things that I can implement in my classroom”

From Caregivers

“We are starting to see her trying to make her bed at home.”

Ability Connection

We proudly provide this program in partnership with Ability Connection. 

Please checkout Ability Connection’s most recent blog which features “Building Connections “. We couldn’t be prouder of the success of this program, and we are looking forward to its continued growth and reach!